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GlendaK Events pushes the envelope, thinks outside the box and ignites the creative process to deliver lavish, cutting edge weddings and other special events in Toronto. We plan events that perfectly represent your individual style and personality.


We are able to represent your venue as a 'Venue Booking Agent' in which we create and negotiate contracts, coordinate and produce (when applicable) all proposed events and productions held at the agreed upon venue.


You want a party but not the planning that goes with it? Perfect. We know first hand that planning an event on your own can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. Having a celebration is supposed to be fun.


GlendaK Events can assist you in developing a business case for your event and delivering an event that exceeds expectations. Or just looking for a corporate get together. Whether you need to generate sales leads, build client loyalty or celebrate an important milestone.


We are the big picture, strategic event management specialists offering a full range of services that scale to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a little support or need a company that can develop and execute your entire event – from on-site logistical support to digital marketing and eCommunication campaigns and customer service – we can partner with you to get it done. Our incredible team has the depth of experience to manage the infrastructure, people and millions of details that go into building a flawless event.


Based in Toronto, GlendaK Events starts with the perfect plan, then designs and executes special occasions shaped to meet the client's style and personality. From large, branded corporate events to intimate weddings and everything in between, We provide unique insights that will make your big day unforgettable.


Email: info@glendakroll.ca
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